Thursday, 17 September 2015

A Recipe For: Friendsgiving

Author: emilyanddot

The concept of “Friendsgiving” is something that I’ve seen buzzing around the internet lately and I really love it! Thanksgiving will always be one of my favorite holidays. Food, family and football – I mean it doesn’t get much better than that! Being a college student, I am always ready to hop in the car and take the trek back home for this festive fall holiday but with all of my roommates back in different states with our families we never get to celebrate together! Luckily, Friendsgiving picks up right where Thanksgiving ends! It let’s you spend time together, eating and talking about all that you’re thankful for with, well, your friends!

So how do you do Friendsgiving? Here’s my recipe!

Step 1: Invitations // Send out some DIY printed invitations in the mail or just shoot an e-card with a talking turkey! Make sure all of your friends are on the list and be prepared for a packed dinner table!

Step 2: Potluck // As the host you are responsible for the turkey of course however let your friends bring the rest! In the invitations, divide up the food by alphabetical order to make sure that your cranberry sauce, baked apples or stuffing is not left out! Also, don’t forget the apple pie!

Step 3: Decorate // Set the scene! Friendsgiving banners, leafy centerpieces and chalkboard seating markers add a nice and festive touch to your friendly feast!

Step 4: Give Thanks // Once all your guests have arrived and everyone is seated be sure to give thanks! Go around the table and have this happy discussion with your friends. This is what makes it so great!

Step 5: Eat // Need I say more?

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Dig into the food and enjoy this Friendsgiving! Plan a time before everyone is with their families and spread this holiday to all of the important people in your life. What do you think of Friendsgiving?!

Author: emilyanddot